Next step ..

Okay so I’ve watched the Implementation class.

I can’t attend any of the live classes because It’s 2AM here when they start..

But I make sure I watch everything the day after.


So, this webinar was about

Mindset, Syllabus & Niche Selection:

So, if you’ve read my last post, I’ve chosen listbuilding niche.

Why I love List Building:

  • Full control of my traffic source
  • Free Traffic for life.
  • Highest Converting Traffic.
  • Quick & Evergreen money making machine !


Plus, I know a thing or two about it so I can help many people with my knowledge.

So, here is the Syllabus of my product:


There are 6 Chapters :-)

Desmond has talked about the tools we need to create our funnels pages.

He Suggested ClickFunnels, LeadPages & OptimizePress.

But I already have

InstaBuilder & InstaMember & WP Profit Builder.

I’ve been using InstaBuilder for building pages & I like it pretty much.

WP Profit Builder is also GREAT. I use it for exit redirects & retargeting pixels and sometimes for building real quick squeeze pages.

And this is the time when I’m going to use InstaMember :-)

Let’s talk profits & expenses (on this program)

Profits today: $0

Profits yesterday: $0

Expenses today & yesterday: $0

Do I recommend Desmond’s coaching ?

Hell Yeah.


Tune in for the next post :-)

Yayy! My Journal is live!

My name’s Alaa Khassa, I’ve joined Desmond Ong’s Project10K Program and I’m planning on hitting 10K/month with this!

So, a little bit on my background; I am a graphic designer since 2010. I have run into this internet marketing business only in July 2015. And now I have met the amazing Desmond Ong!


My Journal:


Okay so in the first Class homework, I should make a journal where I will be documenting my progress + my current earnings ! (& some other stuff)



Niche Selction:

I picked Internet Marketing niche because I know a thing or two there & I’m familiar with the people there & I know what sub-niches sell there. (Wait for my product & support me on launch day 😀 )



Okay so this is the “homework”, I will be blogging here soon, wait for my next post :-)

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